LARGE Picture Window Specialty Frame

Here at Ringer Windows, we’ve been making our LARGE FORMAT PI-2000 frame large picture window for about 8 months now, and I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally updated our Website to include this specialty window on our Website. Click on the Window & Door Section and scroll down under Sliding Patio Doors & Special Windows! We hope that everyone who needs or uses large windows will take a peek at the tremendous capability of our newest window offering!

Our PI-2000 is an ultra heavy-duty frame that features a 6” depth of frame. It’s available in all 3 of our color offerings with white, almond, and clay. This dedicated oversized large picture window frame is designed to accommodate thicker and heavier glass that typically goes with the bigger windows. Our Premium Elite 5400 Picture Window handles big glass as well, but when folks need really big windows over 30 SF, we turn to our PI-2000, which can accommodate up to 50 SF of glass!

With it’s massive 6” thick frame, our PI-2000 might require special or heavier framing and it commonly needs special trimming to complete. But, there are few windows in the residential window market that can handle the load of our PI-2000 workhorse! Think Big Picture Window, remember Ringer Windows!

Whether you need large picture windows, small windows, or anything in between, remember that Ringer Windows has you covered with some of the finest replacement windows in Texas! We make all our windows locally and we install them directly into your home, using our own staff level crews. No middlemen and factory equals very affordable!