Nice Idea – Wrong Window


Many window companies simply do not have the capability or desire to manufacture commonly used vinyl replacement windows in smaller sizes.  Case in point……  It’s common to find small horizontal slider windows in showers.  These types of shower slider windows are typically 3 or 4 feet wide with a typical height of 12 inches or so.  They are excellent for ventilation, particularly in showers!  This size window is a standard bathroom sized window, commonly available with aluminum new construction windowsThis is NOT a common size with vinyl replacement windows.

There are a couple of reasons why vinyl window companies cannot or will not produce vinyl slider windows in 12 inch heights.  First, vinyl frames are typically thicker because vinyl is simply a thicker material.  Thicker vinyl frames, and sash parts, produce thicker frames, which leaves very room for glass in these smaller windows.  Second, most of the manufacturing machinery is not made to produce very small or narrow welds.  So, most of these types of windows are replaced with very narrow fixed picture windows, which as illustrated in this client’s home, does not look all that good because it’s all frame and very little glass……  Plus, it’s NEVER a good idea to remove window ventilation in a small bath area with a shower?

We don’t know for sure, but we highly suspect that this narrow glass picture window was once an operable horizontal slider.  Unfortunately for this client, they were likely never offered the option of an operable venting window in their shower because their window company did not have the capability to produce this size or type of window in anything other than a fixed window.


Replacement Window – Typical Thick Frame – Very Little Glass

Here at Ringer Windows, we realized (a long time ago) that there’s a great need for small bathroom horizontal slider windows.  So, we engineered methodology to produce very small slider windows and we sell a ton of them!  Our small horizontal slider program has been so successful that we receive hundreds of calls from all over America with requests to build and ship our windows to folks who are in dire need of these types of windows!

Here is a sample of our 4010 Horizontal Slider in our Performa 3300 Series.  It features Obscure Privacy Glass.  We actually stock this size window with 5 different types of privacy glass!

Performa3300-Obscure Privacy Glass

Ringer Windows – Performa 3300
48” x 12” Horizontal Slider – Obscure Privacy Glass

So, next time your replacement window provider tells you “NO”, make sure you ask Ringer Windows how they can help you with “YES”!  Ringer Windows…. Made locally, Texas designed windows, professionally installed, factory direct and affordable!