Delivery Guidelines & Stipulations


Ringer Window offers curbside delivery service with our windows and doors. Here are the delivery guidelines and stipulations regarding our delivery service.

  1. Unless otherwise stipulated, windows/doors will be delivered in a single delivery, when the order is complete. Occasionally, glass breaks (beyond our control) and complete orders cannot be filled and/or delivered until suitable replacement glass is installed. If glass breaks and your order is delayed, Ringer Windows will wait to deliver until your whole order is filled. Ringer Windows will deliver the bulk of incomplete orders if the client requests, but we will ONLY make ONE delivery trip. In this case, additional trip(s) to deliver the remainder of your window(s) will incur additional delivery charges if you deem it necessary. Clients are free to pick up any portion of their orders at any time when our shop is open.
  2.  Deliveries to jobsites or a residence is curbside driven. We must be able to safely and reliably navigate to locations near where the windows will be off-loaded. Off-loading locations must be no more than 30 feet from our delivery vehicle. Off-loading areas must be in areas that provide a flat and safe terrain. Windows will be off-loaded in one spot only. Under no circumstances will windows be delivered in different spots around jobsites or homes. If our delivery crew cannot safely navigate to a flat and safe place to off-load, that’s within 30 feet from our delivery vehicle, we will need to reschedule your delivery, and there will be additional charges.
  3.  Someone of authority, and/or the client, must be present to sign for the order after off-loading. Ringer Windows will confirm the window/door count and condition of windows in writing, with our Delivery Notice & Inspection Form. This form must be confirmed and signed by the client, or their designated responsible party, before we leave the jobsite. If no one is present, and no arrangements have been made, we will need to reschedule another delivery for an additional charge.
  4. Some window and door orders are very large, and they may include oversized windows that require multiple people to safely off-load. These types of deliveries require two or more Ringer Window Personnel to off-load. These types of deliveries cost more because of the additional manpower needs. If a client offers to provide off-loading assistance with their crews or themselves, so that we can send a single delivery person, this is acceptable and it will help keep the delivery costs lower. However, if no one shows up to help, and we are expecting additional off-loading help, we’ll need to reschedule another delivery and there will be additional charges.
  5. Custom deliveries with special needs can easily be accommodated but we will bid these individually, based on the clients delivery needs.