Best Two Panel Sliding Patio Door


Top Ten Reasons to Choose a Ringer Windows PD2000 Two Panel Sliding Patio Door

The best two panel sliding patio door selection is as important as choosing your replacement windows. Structure, durability, function, energy efficiency are all important aspects to consider when selecting an entry sliding patio door for your home. Here are the top ten reasons for selecting the Ringer Windows PD2000 sliding patio door system.

10. Durability

Top quality vinyl composites are great for incredible energy efficiency and longevity. These are the same vinyl materials used to manufacture our vinyl windows too! Non-conductive vinyls resist the hot summer sun and prevents heat-loss in the winter. Great on the utility bills!

9. Customizable Sizes and Configurations with the two panel sliding patio Doors

Replacing your sliding patio door can often be like putting a round peg in a square hole. Like window replacement, it’s important to consider if a standard size door will fit without a lot of additional carpentry. Replacement windows and doors are an investment. Ringer Windows can manufacture custom sizes to be a perfect fit. This is important for retrofit door replacement! Other customizable options include being able to choose which side the door slides. The homeowner can select which panel will be the sliding door panel and which will be the stationary panel at the start of the door installation!! As a result, this will allow for specific furniture placement in a room and allow for easy entrance and exit.

8. Sliding Screen Door

The built-in screen door track allows simple sliding for the sliding screen door. Therefore, bugs stay out! The Sliding patio door may be custom sized to fit well into a replacement door opening. Your custom door will also have a custom sliding screen door to fit perfectly to keep the insects and critters out!

7. Energy Efficient Frame and Glass with many options – Low-E, Laminated glass, Grids

So many features and many more options to choose from with the PD2000 two panel sliding patio doors! Channeled Vinyl 6” frame depth allows for incredible durability. Three vinyl colors for the PD2000. This allows you to match to Ringer Windows and to your distinct taste. The very thin profile allows for huge glass views in your sliding patio door! Find the combination of options that work best for your home including low-e glass, laminated glass for superior sound control and safety, and grids for the design element to match windows.

6. All PD2000 two panel Sliding Patio Doors are Configurable

sliding patio doors

PD2000 Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

Huge openings require more panels. With the PD2000 patio door system, the PI2000 fixed sidelite picture window frame matches the two panel sliding patio door panels without additional moving panels. Therefore, you can customize your door width and fill in with large oversized fixed picture windows. This also allows you to create some unique configurations! If you’re considering more than one sliding panel within an opening, mull two two panel sliding panel doors together!

5. The Biggest Glass Views with Operability

The sliding patio door allows incredibly large glass views with less frame profile. Unlike a one or two panel swing French Door, the 6068 sliding patio door allows up to 60% more glass than the same size two panel French Door! As a result, more glass means more light coming into your home. Therefore, better views to the great outdoors!

4. Excellent Seal System

There is nothing worse than a strong wind blowing around the perimeter of a swing door. Have you ever seen daylight through a swing door where it’s supposed to be sealed? Swing doors require seals. These will prevent water and air from coming in AND allow the door panel to swing open. However, the sliding panel of a two panel sliding patio door is encased within the outside vinyl frame. As a result, air leakage is virtually eliminated around the outer perimeter of the operable sliding patio door panel. Also, the interconnect overlap between the fixed panel and the sliding panel prevents air from leaking in from the center!

3. Dual Locking, Keyed Entry Door

Sliding patio door interior handle with flip latch

Interior Handle for two panel sliding patio door

The dual locking latching system provides security to this entrance point. Unlike the old sliding patio door systems, the door panel can’t be lifted up and out of its latching system. The locking system and frame prevent the operable panel from being lifted out of the track. This is due to a dual opposing latching system. If a panel is lifted, a bottom and top latch secures the door. Therefore, this prevents unwanted entry. Also, the keyed hardware allows the door to be used as an entry door!

2. Easy Sliding

The sliding patio door has a channeled sliding rail system with large roller wheels. Therefore, very large, heavy panels easily slide open and close.

1. Aesthetically Beautiful

two panel sliding patio door in clay

Exterior View of two panel sliding patio door in clay

A modern, color matching metal handle is stylish for the PD2000 two panel sliding patio door system. The simple, but elegant vinyl frame has the same color matching vinyl to other Ringer Windows! Therefore, great for any room!

The PD2000 Two Panel Sliding Patio Door is a great choice for wider door openings for your home. Check out Ringer Windows standard size stock PD2000 sliding patio doors. But remember all doors can be manufactured to your custom requirements. All doors require on-site assembly.

Above All…

All PD2000 two panel Sliding Patio Doors are manufactured by Ringer Windows in Taylor, TX! Shop Local!