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Do-It-Yourself Home Window Projects

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Ringer Windows for DIY Window Projects

As a manufacturer of high quality vinyl windows and sliding patio doors, we talk to a lot of DIY folks who are interested in the handling the details of the windows that go into their homes. Smart DIY people know the difference between builder grade products and those that are not….. People don’t mind spending a few more bucks on their building components if they know they’re receiving superior quality and performance!

Superior Ringer Window Quality and Performance

At Ringer Windows, we manufacture all our high quality windows and sliding patio doors right here in our Texas headquarters in Taylor, Texas. Unlike most of our competition, we sell directly to DIY clients and building professionals, so there’s NEVER any middlemen costs. We offer superior quality at affordable pricing, all with a cost-saving factory-direct approach! When searching for home improvement store windows at the Big Box Stores, Lumber Yards, or Building Supply Companies, you simply won’t find this level of superior quality, service, and overall window expertise!
We talk to many different types of DIY clients, including homeowners, builders, remodelers, architects, and designers. There’s really not anything “typical” about the DIY folks we help here in Central Texas. Even though we help many different types of DIY clients, most of them can be classified into just a couple of categories, based on the types of projects they are undertaking.

DIY New Construction Windows

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Take Control of your Windows for your New Construction

First, and probably the easiest DIY type of project involves new home construction or any project that involves new walls. We get very excited with DIY projects that involve new homes and/or new walls! New construction is like a like a blank canvas for us here at Ringer Windows. It’s exciting to help people create spectacular openings with beautiful views with style and elegance that completely dominates and enhances the look of a particular project! Helping people create beautiful and functional sets of windows for their DIY projects is a wonderful thing we love to share with our clients.

DIY Replacement Windows

The other type of DIY project we help with involves replacement windows. This is a far more complicated venture, which requires a highly skilled DIY client. These are some of the things that Do-It-Yourselfer’s need to consider when replacing windows.

Custom Window Sizing

DIY window projects require a good deal of faith with the window measurements. Custom replacement windows are all custom-sized. Once you purchase a custom sized window, there’s no going back….

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Window measurements are Critical in DIY replacement windows

Window Removal Methods

There are several methods to remove existing windows. In our humble opinion, the “best extraction methods” should not tear-up your home, saving many headaches and expensive collateral damages.

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replacement window installation

Installation Methods

There are multiple window installation methods that could be used when installing new windows. These differing methods require a good understanding of how to properly size the new windows for the best possible fit, depending on the method of installation. Replacement windows typically carry thicker frames and do not install like a new construction window so it’s important to have a good understanding about this portion of your project.The last and often trickiest part of a DIY window replacement involves the replacement window installation of your new replacement window. Again, it’s not rocket science but it does require some serious skills.

Evaluate your DIY Ability for Replacing Windows

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Can you do it?

If you’re considering replacing your own windows, ask yourself the following questions,
1. How do I attach my new windows?
2. What type of fasteners do I use and how many of them?
3. How do I seal-up my window in brick and rock?
4. How do I properly insulate and seal my new windows?
5. What if there’s rot around my windows, what do I do then?
6. What if my window opening is out-of-square?
7. What happens if I ordered the wrong size window? How do I make it fit?

Although DIY window replacements are more complicated, there are DIY clients who possess the skills to figure it out! However, only the most experienced DIY person should undertake replacement windows. It may look easy but experienced replacement window crews are highly skilled at measuring, extracting, and replacing windows without creating much collateral damage. The average DIY person is usually not…..

How Long Will  Window Installation Take?

Our experienced staff crews here at Ringer windows can handle installing 12 to 15 full window replacements on a really good day. The average DIY client handles 1-3 windows in a day.
The rule with DIY replacement windows is that IT WILL TAKE LONGER THAN YOU THINK! DIY replacement window clients should allow enough time to finish their work based on a realistic timeframe. Trash and clean-up is also part of the DIY replacement window equation. Window debris occupies a great deal of space, which will not fit in your average consumer trashcan. Unless you have access to a large dumpster, plan on multiple trips to the dump for offloading your window trash and debris.

Building Codes/Permits Requirements

Your city may require proper building permits for window replacement. If a window does not meet building code requirements, the city will not allow the permit to close. At Ringer Windows, we help our clients with understanding Code Compliance and Energy Requirements. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a job only to be shut down by your city’s Code Officials because you forgot to pull a permit or used the wrong type of windows.

The realities of DIY window replacements involves a lot of responsibility for everything from ordering the right size window to hauling away the old window debris at the end.

If you are a DIY client who’s thinking about handling your own replacement windows, give us a call and visit with us. If it’s realistically within your timeframe and skill-set to DIY window replacement, we’re more than happy to build you a set of fantastic windows to your specifications. If DIY Window replacement isn’t your idea of ideal home improvement project, we can help with a fast and efficient installation that’s fully warranted and backed locally by a great Texas Company, Ringer Windows! Contact Us Today

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